my dumb luck

dec. 1
this portrait of artist todd francis
has always been a favorite of mine. the man, his
sarcastic eye and one of his more known board graphics
behind him. his work for stereo, anti-hero and others
have always been inspiring. until i slid them off the
on the nearest ledge.

thank you todd and yong-ki for letting be a kid again
at the new and used show.

nov. 14
great turn out for the book and job premiere/opening.
photos went up on:
fecal face
SKATE S.F. with Ben Gore
thanks again to everyone who helped make the show happen!

oct. 13
magenta released their new dvd, sf hill st. blues 2
and an sf premiere and photo show is happening
next week. honored and stoked to be involved
with the video and to help out with the show.
thanks to adidas, theories of atlantis,
the photo lab. (berkeley), stance socks
and prize fighter cutlery urethane
for their support and help.

oct. 6
preparing for a couple of shows
first one in two weeks at the
book and job gallery in sf.
the second at the atlas shop
in san mateo. getting new prints
made for both shows.

july 20
so far the response to Luck has been great.
thank you to everyone who has picked up copies
and the shops who have them in stock, like
Quimby's in Chicago.
also thanks to 'Lost in a Super Market' for
the nice write-up and comments. honored.

i'd also like to give a big warm and mushy
thank you to Yong-ki Chang of Equal Distribution
for introducing me to the publishers and
talented designers Christopher and Kathleen
Sleboda (GLUEKIT).

july 15
unintended neglect has left this space to fallow.

newest news! draw down books released a zine of my
photos, 16 pages 7.75 x 10 inches, 2 color off-set.
numbered edition of 500. available via their web shop
and soon equal distribution for $14. honored to be
their first publication, thanks Kathleen and Chris!

mar. 2
new issue of color is coming, did interviews
with jay howell and mat o'brien for the issue.
jay and mark whalen aka kill pixie had a show
at FFDG the other week; photos over at COLOR.

new stuff coming for the site, maybe even some
video jazz.

thanks for reading this, hope you have a great weekend!

jan. 21
new newish photos on nowness.

new issue of COLOR is out now,
you can get one at 510 after i drop them
off in a couple days.
the Solitary Arts and $lave articles are in the issue.

thanks again yong-ki and ben.

dec. 10
added a new section for new photos - nowness.
will be posting photos not in the sections

go steal a parking block.

then buy one of my decks or shirts via Equal Distribution


oct. 21
stance socks recently did a collaboration with
lakai that is pretty darn snazzy.

posted a trio of blogs about the $lave trip
Nope, Player pt. 1
Nope, Player pt. 2
Nope, Player pt. 3

full article will be in issue 9.6.

oct. 12
back home after nearly a month on the road.
huge thanks to yong-ki chang at Solitary Arts
and to ben horton at $lave.

sept. 10
long time friend travis jensen was part of a two man
team that produced an amazing book of photos featuring
residents of san francisco's 'tenderloin' neighborhood.
buy it as soon as you can, all proceeds go to a youth
services charity, for more info check All City.

next week i'll have three photos in an exhibition at
the scion space in culver city (LA) as part of the
Solitary Arts section of A Product of Design.

aug. 24
did an interview/bio. project for Lakai
that was used in their new catalog and
was just added to their site. check their
rider profiles for the bios and interviews.

aug. 23
unintentionally been ignoring this site
lately. thinking of a revamp in a serious

did a web feature on the 'eS team's recent
stop through the bay area. three weeks later
the company is done and on, "creative hiatus."
also did another 'skate tested' with jerry.
this time with Bones Bearings, holy poop!
they are damn good.

september should be a fun month, lots on the
plate with some travel as well. more on those
later, before i leave, i hope.

big thanks to those who have recently purchased
my prints and decks via the Equal Distribution
store! very honored that you are willing to spend
your hard earned cash on my work.

june 28
Equal Distribution has every product i've
been honored to have my photos on. including
the recent Stereo decks and shirts as well as
the new Science board. my rookie effort at
board graphics.

finished up a couple articles for the
next issue of COLOR, should be out soon.

may 19
lots of great things going on this spring;
a friend opened a new/better location
benny gold
a great photo group got a new life and second wind
all city
and i got a negative scanner!

hoping to redo the site over the summer
with all new content, i hope.

apr. 24
the silly pink bunnies have invaded s.f.
matt derrick repper of the decade.

apr. 17
back from boston, thank you Orchard!
thanks to all the sponsors Quiet Life,
Lakai, Solitary Arts, Stereo, and Stance socks
for their support. it couldn't have happened
with out them.

photos from the Orchard show
and the trip at COLOR.

mar. 28
thanks to everyone who came out on sat.
it was a great time, big thanks to DLXSF
for hosting!

Equal Distribution has the Stereo decks
and shirts available now.

mar. 22
stereo board and quiet life shirt release party
on sat. at DLXSF. honored that these two companies
have been so supportive of my photography. thanks
chris, jason, jeff, andy and jen.

mar. 20
there are many reasons why i like what Solitary Arts
does, this is one of them. so good.

mar. 16
board release date is set for the 26th
the quiet life will be putting out two
special edition photo tees with my photos on
them for the board release. they will also
be available at equal and at orchard in april.
on the 9th i'll be out there for another an art show
board release/fun time. more details on that later.

feb. 28
been a damn good week.
updated the 'people' section
of the site.

board release is progressing,
date should be set soon. big
thanks to the quiet life,
solitary arts, lakai
and stance for helping
make the night a special one.

feb. 16
so far so good with the year.
added a 'product' page to the
site, as well as a link to my
COLOR Mag. blog.

i have a couple stereo guest artist
decks and shirts coming out very soon
there will be a release party at DLXSF.
date soon to come.

jan. 1, 2011
lagging hard with updates to the news and this site.
check COLOR for some of the more recent jazz
i've been working on.

some great things are in the works for the
new year. lisa has some great projects
coming out that are pretty sweet. check her
site in the weeks to come.

i've been very lucky with a lot of things
this past year, thanks to everyone who has
helped over the past twelve months. these
next months should prove to be even better!

sept. 18
the first episode of corey adams'
documentary on the one way or
another tour is up on COLOR.

i'm off to canada soon to give a
slide show presentation of photos
from the trip during a film festival.

photos from the fecal face 10 year
show here.

sept. 12
fecal face celebrated its 10 years of
life. i can honestly say that my
life is significantly better off
in multiple ways because of it and
john trippe, founder and nutter.

thank you for everything, john.

sept. 10
yet again i forgot to mention something that
someone else has put out with my photos in it.
josie at Beerspit has put my photos in her
publication twice and i have neglected to mention
on here. sorry josie, i'm a forgetful fred.

aug 10
some extras from the One Way or Another tour
are up on COLOR.

with luck and a bunch of coffee,
i'll be updating the site soon
more photos and some scans of my
published writing and photography.

we'll see how long it takes me,
my track record with this site
hasn't been the best.

july 23
forgot to mention that i have my first
solo zine out now through the folks at
parking block publishing. thanks much tim.

july 12
the next issue of COLOR should be on
shelves next week. full coverage of the
one way or another tour will be inside.

a trailer for the documentary corey adams
filmed is up on the COLOR site.

july 6
clare rojas art show feature on COLOR Mag.
don pendleton mural feature on COLOR too.

just back from a road trip/art tour for COLOR
mag. out of canada sponsored by vans and volcom.
great time with some amazing folks. check the next
issue of COLOR for the full story.

photos from the trip up:

apr. 18
long time no update.

a while back i interviewed andy jenkins for
COLOR mag. the videos are up on the site and
you can see the first part HERE.
the other parts are on that page as well.

i also interviewed former art dumpers as
part of the project, you can read them HERE

rick howard had some great things to say
about him as well - HERE

jan. 30
speaking of claire and jeremy weiss, i interviewed
them for jux.com and both parts are up:
part 1
part 2

i have a new photo deck available through the
35th ave. shops in washington. thanks dave!

jan. 2
this is a new gallery in l.a. that
claire and jeremy weiss are a part of.

interview with mr. michael coleman on juxtapoz.com

dec. 31
2009 was an interesting year to say the least.
thanks to everyone who supported me and my
family in one way or another during the past
year, with jobs or friendship. your kindness
will not be forgotten. i hope your 2010 is
great and brings you nothing but joy and prosperity.

color magazine launched it's new site today
lots of good things to peep. their new issue
should be hitting the shelves very soon.

dec. 20
the second part of a recent trip to la
is up here.

check out photo-geeks travis jensen and
troy holden's recent shots.

caliber sf has been posting some great
photos over the past months, poke around
get stoked.

dec. 6
a week after fish's show i was back in
l.a. for a visit with jenkins, mueller
and the art dumpers at girl. part 1 of
the photos - here. more soon.

nov. 23
color mag. just put out a new issue that's
a good read. they'll have an all new
and improved site for the new year.
looking forward to seeing what they do.

thanks to jenkins, mueller and
the rest of the art dumpers for
the hospitality last week. extra thanks to
edith for the place to sleep, you kick ass lady.

nov. 12
orchard/spb blog on SLAP:
1 and 2
posted more arty photos on jux.com:
1 and 2

an article i wrote on jeremy fish's first museum
exhibit just went up on jux.com, read it here.

last but certainly not least, i interviewed sean cliver
as part of SLAP's portfolio series - here.

oct. 4

next week

i'll be bringing a couple copies of the
new beerspit zine with me. stoked and
honored to have the cover. thanks josie!

oct. 1
big thanks to all the shops and people who
bought my stereo decks. they sold out a
couple weeks ago from what i understand,
one left HERE and i think orchard has some
left as well.

i'll be in boston next week for an SPB group
show and a few days of skating. more info.
when i get it.
upstate NY photographer turned SF photog.,
now LA cat, jon dragonette will be in the
show as well and has a new blog. always
happy to see more of this guy's photos.

sept. 21
photographer, film maker, skater and rad guy
greg hunt has blog over at tsm now. check it
here and get stoked on some great photos.

july 27
i have a blog on juxtapoz now and have posted
a couple entries. take a look around when
you have time. lots of good contributors are
on there posting some great content.

the DLXSF shop is almost sold out of my decks.
pick one up soon or check out my section of
the 3131 site - HERE to pick one up.

july 4
the stereo boards and shirts are available
at 3131 clement along with some new prints
and mini billboards.

ever get bummed because someone does
something and when you call them on it
you realize you've done the exact same
thing? sorry tony, i'm a jerk.

june 24

my stereo boards and out and in shops!
they just posted a photo feature - here

thank to adidas and dlxsf for sponsoring and
hosting the release party.

june 13
the good folks at hamburger eyes mag.
made their goal to get the
new issue made. good news, but
if you can you should contribute
to make the next issue bigger!

contribute HERE today.

june 6
posted a couple new blogs over on

thanks to everyone who ordered my
shirt from orchard via their new
online shop.

plug 1 went to europe and shot a
ton of photos. check out his travels.

good friend and new father travis
dave schubert and i witnessed a nice
take down by sf's finest. check travis'

may 25
release party has been delayed due to
manufacturing delays. more later.

may 11
the orchard skate shop in boston did me the honor of putting
one of my photos on a shirt to represent the shop.

big thanks to armin and jad for making this happen and the
entire orchard family for supporting my photography.

the shirt is available - here . very stoked to get alex p. keaton
to model my shirt. his schedule was busy but he made time, thanks

apr. 16
posted a new view of an old spot
on my SLAP blog with the text
from the 3up article in the last
print issue of the mag.

apr. 5
it's been a busy few weeks.
a couple new things up over at SLAP
a studio visit with painter ian johnson
and another blog post. this time about
porous walker and his new show at
receiver gallery.

i was asked to contribute content and other
jazz to bob k.'s club mumble. thanks bob.

mar. 21
many of many creative hats, andy mueller
has a new photography site. check it
out and get stoked to take photos.

newspapers are slowly becoming a thing
of the past. but that hasn't stopped the
folks at solitary arts from creating the
solitary times.
visit you local solitary arts dealer to
pick up a copy.

mar. 16
photographer and hotel room adventurer
jesse pollock updated his site - unpiano

some photos, text and a video i shot
about fish's latest mural are up at
plus1 magazine

mar. 14
i forgot to post an interview
that i did with last month's
roger of the month, cole
wilson for the program

a short video clip about
4 star sox i shot is up at
SLAP, check the video page if
it's not on the front page.

feb. 28
welcome to vol. 2 of this site!
it took a while but it is finally up.

with luck new content will be added in
the next week or so, i'm hitting the dark
room soon.

feb. 27
i posted some photos from the LA
trip on my SLAP blog.

michael worful updated his site.

this is a great site with some
spectacular photos with a variety
of content.

feb. 19
yong-ki chang and i took
a quick trip to LA this week
he posted some photos here.

traveling renews the spirit,
big thanks to yong-ki for the
great trip and renewal of the

feb. 13
this is my first attempt at a
skate video edit.
poorly filmed, full of fun
and a few rad tricks.

feb. 6
i have a short interview up on fecal face
that just went up yesterday.
much-o thanks john.

the saintly lady that puts up with me on a
daily basis aka lisa romero has a new
project that be benefitial to you in
one way or another.

the best of bits and beasts

feb. 3
posted a new blog on SLAP.

i'm trying my hand at doing some video
editing with skate footage. with luck
it'll be posted on my blog by the
end of the week or early next week.

jan. 14
i'm honored to have two artist series decks
coming out on stereo this march.
see the boards - here

there will be a board release party at the
end of march, details will be posted closer
to the date.

big thanks to Chris, Andrew and Bryan for
making this happen.

went to mat o'brien's newest show, photos
on fecal face

jan. 4
progress is being made with site's
boob job.

as part of the re-vap. i've been
going through my negatives and
picking out images to print, funny
how even a short period of time can
change your perspective on a photo.

photographer jai tanju runs the
print exchange, send something in today!

dec. 31
it's been one hell of a year.

thanks to the following folks
for their support and help:
lisa romero
berneva beatrice randozzi
jimmy demarcellis
jad angel
travis jensen
yong-ki chang
jeremy fish
matt, lisa and reid derrick
mat o'brien
fred levy
terry s.
bram d.
paul gonella
andy and jennifer mueller
mark whiteley
joe brook
chris pastras
jason lee
andrew s.
stereo sound agency
geoff mcfetridge
juxtapoz.com and magazine
john and jessica trippe
matt and linsey irving
juice design
adidas skateboarding
darin bendall
mark penxa
michael worful
benny gold
leland and 48blocks
general larson
andy jenkins
last of the mohicans

dec. 26
paul gonella updated and revamped his site.

dec. 20
mel bend has been posting some great
content in the past weeks. the bend
questions are a good read.

stereo was in town for the SLAP
art show/party and some skating.

dec. 10
strikes and gutters, ups and down,
life moves on.

i'm back in "laid-off land" after
years of being a member of 'regular'

the long awaited reshuffle of the site
is coming soon-ish-er than you think
and will have new sections with new
and old content. i'm hoping to get
back in the darkroom one more time
before it goes up.

SLAP is all digital now and has photos
of it's recent Portfolio series art
show/welcome to the digital world bash.

nov. 23
busy with work, making more
excuses about why i haven't
updated the site.

got 9 rolls worth of 4x6 prints
back from the lab last week.
some will be included in the
new content, whenever i get off
my ass.

new photos are up on my SLAP blog.
more coming in the next couple of days.

nov. 4
obama won!

obama won!

obama won!

nov. 2
this went up a few
days ago. big thanks to henry
hopkins for doing the editing
and dealing with a first time

got a couple things coming up
with juxtapoz so keep
your eyes open on the web and in
the mag.

got some potential radness in the works
don't want to jinx it so i won't say more
but if it happens, it'll be the best thing
to happen to me since my daughter's birth.

oct. 16
tweaker is doing a show tonight
at slam city skates in london. thanks to paul,
gorm and french for askling me to be in it.
cheers ya creeps.

stopped by stereo and girl last week
on a photo mission in la.
thanks to andrew and bryan at stereo for
the hospitality and to andy mueller at girl/lakai
for the tour and fun.

be on the look out for photos of the
trip on my SLAP blog.

sept. 20
sucking at updating this thing.

the agency has a portrait of
danny renaud on their site that i took last year.

been busy working on stuff for the
last print issue of SLAP.

july 24
it's a little late and i can't imagine
that many folks from china look at this
site but i had some photos on display as
a part of this.

a couple new arty type things should be
up on juxtapoz in the next couple days.

printing next week, after that then maybe
i'll get off my ass and update this thing.

writer and good friend travis jensen has a
new site. take a look and read some of
his great work.

july 6
boy do i suck at updating the news.
the folks at tweaker zine posted a photo/word
artice about a trip to new mexico
for goldchain's wedding.

in the new issue of SLAP is an
interview i did with todd francis.

june 1
went to the dark room this past week,
hence the new intro. photo. sometime
soon-ish the site will be changed a
little. i wonder how many times i've
said that?

save polaroid is a great site that is trying
to save polaroid instant film. take some
time, check it out and see if you can help
save a great medium.

may 10
not too much has been going on. bought a new
point and shoot camera, olympus stylus and a
bunch of film.

currently working on a couple projects and
buying more cameras. there has also been talk
about a solo show sometime next year. but if
anything is true it is that the only constant
in the universe is change.

shot a couple more arty things for jux.com
with more to come next week.

mar. 31
mark penxa has finished his epic project 'stealing signs'
and it is now up on his site for your enjoyment
take a gander and look back at a time before designer
drugs got into the sport.

homie and talented photographer bram de martelaere has
a photo blog full of his
adventures in around his new country of san francisco.

mar. 29
lisa has posted a bunch of photos of berneva
and us on her flickr page.

forgot to mention that i have a blog on the SLAP site.

mar. 16
the past couple weeks have been crazy.

the show at drunknbutterfly was great. thanks
to patrick, wes, layla and andy collins for an awesome time.

three days after i came back we had a suprize in the form
of a new baby! berneva beatrice randozzi.

mar. 2
heading out to madison on wednesday, should be a
great time with jilbert and photographer/friend andy collins.

talented photographer sandy carson has a new site.
give it a gander, get stoked.

feb. 13
going to madison in march. drunkenbutterfly is hosting
patrick jilbert and me. big thanks to wes and layla
for having me back.
flyer here.
thanks to all our sponsors for the gas and plane fair.

an interview i did with matt irving will be in the next
issue of SLAP, give it a gander and buy an issue.

booblift to the site coming soon. need more chianti.

jan. 28
uzzardi has a blog with more of his inspiring photos.

hamburger eyes recently released it's newest
publication in book form. check their site
for more info and buy a copy. can't wait to get mine!

jan. 21
tony larson took some photos on a recent trip
to the far east. they are up on black lodges.
nice ones tone-loc.

jan. 13
i don't want to speak before things are finalized
but it's looking like i'll be going back to wisconson
in early march for long weekend.

an article on the history of stereo skatebords i wrote
is in the in the current (feb. 08) issue of SLAP

dec. 27
dustward is coming soon.

dec. 26
the new year is close upon us
so i'd like to thank the following
folks for their support, help etc. during
lisa romero
mom, dad etc.
travis jensen
jimmy demarcellis
jad angell
mat o'brien
jeremy fish
spbeez worldwide
matt d!, lisa and baby to be
terry slyka
rick marr
jason tyler grace
yong-ki chang
todd francis
andy and jennifer mueller
ert o'hara
mark whiteley
joe brook
sean peterson
SLAP magazine
j. grant brittain
kevin wilkins
the skatebord mag.
matt and lynsey irving
john trippe
wes and layla at drunknbutterfly
ando at FTC
leland at 48 blocks
dan boulton
chris pastras
jason lee
kevin and bryan at stereo
darin bendall
jim theibaud
tony larson
mark penxa
michael worful
static III
fully flaired
dan wolfe

dec. 15
penxa sucks.
jenkins sucks.
porous sucks.
fish sucks.
irving sucks and needs to update his site.
bendall sucks.
larson sucks.
mueller sucks.
project pepsi sucks.

dec. 10
the fine lads at tweaker have put up some
of my more recent photos.

dec. 5
you kow you're getting older when you look at
sites like this and put them in your news.

yong-ki is in china. check out his travels

dec. 3
receiver gallery is showing a great line up of women
photographers this sat. for more info. go here

been doing a little more freelance stuff for slap
magazine lately so i thought i'd plug the new issue
and say go buy it. you'll do what i say if you know
what's good for ya. *internet tough guy*

nov. 24
the quiet life camera club has been updated.
keep sending in the great submissions.

he's been mentioned before and will be again,
mr. mark penxa's on going 'stealing signs'
series is on volume 3. great period music goes
with the art work.

this site will be getting a facelift/boobjob in the
next month. nothing fancy like angelina jolie, more
like joan rivers but with less putty.

nov. 14
tomorrow night from 9:30-12pm i'll be playing records
of the jazz variety for the after party of this at 111 minna.

talented painter, skater and botanist jesse hotchkiss has
a web site up now. peep it here. he also has
a show coming up soon.

nov. 12
the stereo sound agency redid their web site.
check their blogs for new content and random
cool stuff.

general larson has turned in his
resignation at the art dump/girl.
long live the agents

the general has a blog here.
please heckle him to get off his ass.

with all due respect, general.

nov. 8
head burger ray potes has a show opening tonight at the
photo epicenter tonight. 100 prints will be on display.
ray is a photographic animal. looking forward to seeing
some of his new work.

nov. 4
the fine lads at tweaker zine have a cool photo and
interview feature with the nike skate team.

in other more self-centered news, i have some photos
published in a couple magazines this month.
the skateboard mag. published 2 pages of
my half-frame photos and some words about
the medium. at least i think they did, i
haven't gotten a copy yet.

7Sky in europe published 3 of my half-frame
shots as well. thanks much to both publications.

oct. 28
low card is doing a halloween jam.
i'll be working, sucks for me - fun for you.

oct. 27
dude barn a blog/photo spot for a former resident
of 435 14th, george c. not the dude from that
tv show. this guy works in portland has a
canadian wife whos personality is as beautiful
as her smile.

found out that my old man checks this thing.
the internet is for porn pops, stop wasteing your
time here. check this site out. it'll put some starch in your shorts.

congrats to darin bendall and kat on the birth of their son, jake.
sean ratliff and rachael also had a birth
and added isabella to their family.

people sure do like to make whoopie.

oct. 11
david uzzardi changed up his web site.
his photos have a timeless quality about them.

epicly trife is the chronical of the adventures
of a ragtage group of happy go-luck folks
in search of goodtimes and cold beers.
rage on you crazy diamonds.

oct. 3
well, it happened. lisa and i are going to be parents!
the baby randozzi is due late march or early april.

brian gaberman has a web site now.
he's so good it makes me sick.

going to the darkroom tomorrow after work.
maybe in 20 years i'll be half as good as brian.

sept. 25
ted pushinsky has been a photographer i've
been stoked on since i first saw
his work. i'm glad he has a site
up now.

i'll be adding more photos to the camera club
in the next day or so.

sept. 12
not to get all artsy farty on you, but yesterday was
my birthday. i took half the day off and spent most of
those stolen hours walking around downtown s.f. taking
photos of people, buildings, cars and how they interact
with each other. it was great.

i wish i could do it everyday.

check out the fine art stylings of the following folks:
jason roberts dobrin
joe brook
jeremy and claire weiss

sept. 9
yup, another group of photos is up at the camera club

i recently did an interview with canadian friend andrew pommier
for juxtapoz.com, check it out here

aug. 28
another group of photos is up at the camera club
keep sending them in!

visit these talented people for some art radness:
mark penxa
tiffany bozic
jon dragonette

the british folks at the web entity tweaker zine interviewed me
for their first issue(?) do web zines have issues?
either way i hope my interview doesn't stink up the mag.
too much. they did a very cool job with the layout.

aug. 20
a couple more links to check out:
andy jenkins
tim barber and friends
aurel schmidt via tiny vices

aug. 19
where has the summer gone? wasn't it just late june?
busy days ahead with more projects in the coming
weeks and months.

looks like the re-do of the site is going to be put
just a wee bit longer.

haven't updated the links section in a while so check
out these fine creative type people's web sites.
get inspired by:
carina demarcellis
levi ward
sandy carson

more will be added in the coming days.

keep your eye on the camera club for another update
in the coming days. and keep sending your photos in!

aug. 2
fecal face is having it's 7.5 anniversary art show
at 111 minna tomorrow night. a great line up
of talented folks are in this show. hope to see
you there!

july 26
9 new photos are up on the camera club
with so many good submissions, it's hard
to pick and choose which to put up.

a couple friends are having a show in
new york next month. both are talented
photographers, good people but lame dancers.
make it out if you can and try to stop them
from dancing if you see them trying to bust
a move. thanks.

info. on the show:

Dear Dream Maker

Photography by David Potes and David Uzzardi

August 9th � September 9th, 2007

Opening reception:
Thursday August 9th, 7pm-10pm
With musical performances by: Small Girls & Namesake

Norge Gallery
94 Prince St @ Mercer / 2nd floor
New York, NY

july 19
andy mueller has a solo show opening tomorrow
night in japan. if you can go, please do it's going
to be great. more info here.
andy will be showing a large body of his work
from 1994 to this year.

i think i saw the ghost of porous walker last night.

july 15
a new batch of photos is up at the camera club
there have been some great shots submitted.
keep sending them in!

david uzzardi is doing film processing at
the photo epicenter; he's a great dark
room tech and amazing photographer,
for what it's worth - i highly recommend him.

july 7
mark whiteley, editor of SLAP has a blog
on the SLAP site and has been featuring some
great music. check out his older posts and
poke around, you'll find some smooth shit.

printing next week, stoked.

june 30
friend chris pastras has a solo show
coming up on tuesday. more info. here.
heard he's been painting a bunch.

june 24
andy mueller asked me to curate the camera club
for the next few weeks. i've put up a new group of photos
an will be adding submissions from the archive and new ones
as they come in. send yours in today!

a polish literary website asked to use one of my photos for
a story, you can check it out here and read the story
if you can read polish.

june 12
3131 clement has some of my prints from the
stereo 15 years show available on their site - here.

thanks much yong-ki, you're an a-1 creep.

june 10
darin bendall was recently in the u.s.
from his home in japan. he's one talented illustrator and
hard working cat. check out his site and poke around the
animation page.

more time in the darkroom coming up in the next couple of
weeks. digging into some older shots from new mexico.

june 5
benny is one of those cats that you always stay
in touch with but rarely see. it's great to see him doing
so well over the years. a true skate rat in the best way.

june 4
this is funny on many levels, but not if you're a mormon.

june 1
a few new photos have been added to the 07 section.
more will be added in the coming days, including a
skate photo. i don't hold any illusions that i'm any
sort of a skate photog. but i really like how it turned

summer is here, are you skating enough?

may 20

i'm sad to report that the artist
known as porous walker is dead.
he will be missed by many.
the following is an e-mail i sent
last week:

"It is with sad news that I must report to you
that the artist known as Porous Walker is dead.

He died last weekend while on an excursion to Lima, Peru
in search of a rare Tiki Toki bird. He was stricken with
the rare and deadly tsi-tsi virus that is found in the
Tsi-Tsi fly. His death was painful and possibly one of
the worst ways a person could die. His internal organs
liquefied and he drowned in his own bodily fluids.

A 1 page article in Juxtapoz Magazine on Mr. Walker
will be appearing soon. This might be the last thing
we shall ever see of him. Barring a group show at
Mr. Seiben's Okay Mountain.

Porous will live in all of us as long as we draw
boobs or penises roasting marsh mellows and splatter
paint with paint pens. His legacy will go on as
long as we continue it. In memorium I will be getting
a slice of cake with Porous birth and death dates
below it. I suggest you do the same.

Please let people know that this God among mortals
has passed through the veil to the other side.
He must be remembered for the artist he was and
by those who admired and loved his work.

Porous leaves behind his wife Cari, daughter Cedella
and brother Jimmy DeMarcellis.

Isaac McKay-Randozzi
Mr. Walker's friend, Agent, Manager and personal photographer."

jimmy demarcellis is out and about with
mr. coppola touring the country. he's in
boston currently.

the new quiet life line is up. i'm big fan of the
apple design. check out the new
volume of the camera club book,
inspiring photos in those pages.
nice one andy and jennifer!

larson rules!

may 6
painter, board graphic doer and all around
nice guy don pendleton has updated and redone
elephont with more art, personal
history and a store. hope he keeps it updated.

juxtapoz put up a blog type thing i did
on setting up the stereo art show.
3131 clement has more of my
prints that are in the show,
if anyone is interested.

apr. 28
photos of the art and opening night of the
stereo 15 year art show are up on juxtapoz.

thanks to everyone who bought my prints, i appreciate
that you have spent your hard earned money to
buy something i made. i'm honored.

apr. 21
i forgot to post it but i have photos in stereo's 15 year art
show at 3131 clement, the opening was this past sat., the 21st.
i was lucky enough to sell 5 of my 6 peices in the show!
jason lee bought a 'platform 2' print. photos from the show
will be posted up on juxtapoz in the coming days.

i'd like to thank chris and jason for having me in the show,
travis jensen and yong-ki chang the curators, al, tara, heide
(hope i spelled that right) and everyone who made
the show look so damn good!

mar. 29
there is an interview with me up at dan boulton's
site that we did for kissing bread. check it out

needles and pens has a few copies of kissing bread
available for $2 a copy.

mar. 17
recently a photographer from england, mr. dan boulton
asked me to contribute to his zine kissing bread.
a name he took from an interview i had done with
jason lee for the fecal. the zine is out and you can get it
via dan's site. i'll be getting some copies soon
and hope to have them available at shops or online.

mar. 16
the quiet life video contest is over.
check out who won and other entries, there are some great ones.

mar. 5
moves in more ways than one.

i recently moved from vallejo to pinole.
also, i am doing some of the arty internet
correspondent thing for juxtapoz now. i'd
like to thank trippe for an great 6 years at the fecal.

the fine folks at stereo posted up a photo blog of mine on
their myspace page, check it out here.

silly pink bunny convention coming up soon, are you coming to sf
this easter?

a new section is going to be added in the coming days.
for serious this time

is a publication in the works from my dumb luck?
only time will tell.

feb. 18
lack of updates sucks, but things will be coming soon.
smooth sailing images and words are up over at the fecal.

jan. 26
back from madison. the opening went well. many
thanks to wes and layla for the great times!!!

check fecal face dot com for a blog on my trip
to be posted sooner or later. trippe is a busy

a new section will be added in the next week
or so.

jan. 8
happy new year!

getting things ready for the show at drunknbutterfly this weekend.
printed 4 out the past 5 saturdays and i've got a bunch of new
photos to show for it. hope people in the area can make it!

i want to say thanks to the following people who have helped me
out in one way or another this past year:
lisa romero
jimmy dimarcellis and family
travis jensen
all of the photographers in FRAMED, thank you very much
jeremy fish and all of the SPBEEZ
fred levi
matt irving
ando at ftc
yong-ki at equal distribution
john trippe
jesse pollock
andy mueller and family
the stereo sound agency
jason lee
chris pastras
mark whiteley at SLAP
tony larson
michelle at anti-social
sandro at color magazine
bob kronbauer
david uzzardi
the gnar pad heads

lastly, there is still time to get your entries in for the
poo poodle video contest, so get your entries in today!
the contest ends on the 15th.

dec. 14
mr. john dragonette and i have a photo show at
drunknbutterfly in madison wisc. on jan. 13th.
i'm being flown out so i can be in attendence,
hang the show, visit with wes and layla, take photos
and do a blogy thing for fecal face dot com.

flyer front and back.

thanks much, wes and layla!

new links have been added, check 'em out.

dec. 13
the quiet life, fecal face and lakai shoes are sponsoring
a video contest for the band the poo poodles.
the contest ends this friday, so get your shit together and enter!
lots of good prizes to be had! info here.

dec. 1
friend ando has been hooking me up with free
griptape for at least two years now. not to mention
hooking up the delphi cruiser. thanks for everything man!

speaking of the ftc crew, leland has busted into
the blog scene with 48 blocks. check out
the site for interviews, photos and video footage.

nov. 16
an interview i did with jason lee is up on fecal face dot com.

while you're there, check out the new fecal pod cast
it's got some good food for the ears.

lots of good art shows tomorrow night. hope you're able
to get out and enjoy them.

nov. 5
got a new camera in the mail yesterday! a olympus pen ft.
it's the slr version of the pen series i've been shooting
with for a long time. i'm really looking forward to the results
of the first roll - hope i didn't fuck it up too bad. i'm not
use to all the "bells and whistles".

heard rumblings from some jerk in england
that i need to update the 06 section. he's right but
i've been busy doing work for fecal face dot com
and slap, so back off limey!

oct. 31
in keeping with this weeks theme or redesign, the stereo sound agency
updated their site. i'm a fan of this incarnation.
great work wes.

oct. 30
to continue the new site goodness goldchain aka sean ratliff
has redesigned his site with the help of haveboard
aka 93 aka party guy.

on the bad news front, John Trippe of fecal face got 14 stitches in his head.

oct. 29
speaking of porous walker he has just updated his "portfolio" site.
take a look and see what goodness he's been up to. or, if you aren't
a fan of his work - what shit he's crapped out.

oct. 17
porous walker is in st. louis for a week doing a mural project
with some graffitti people. he's been told not to
do any 3d intstalations on the wall.
something makes me think he's going to put lifesize doors on it.

do you remember when you first remembered to remember something?

oct. 15
andrew pommier is a canadian cat that draws some great stuff.
he's done work for toy machine, 4 star and momentum wheels
to name just a few. take a gander at his website and get stoked.

an interview i did with stereo co-captain chris pastras is up on the slap web site.

matt irving is up next.

oct. 12
i have retained patrick schoemel as my agent. he'll be handeling
all of my contractual duties and take care of any problems, should
they arise.

something special is on it's way to Fecal Face...

sept. 25
this sat. i'm in a show at club 6 in s.f. flyer
with a bunch of talented folks. should be a fun time!

aug. 20
check out delphi's new prints! holy awesome batman!

more new photos will be posted in the '06 section soon.
including a sequential of jeremy fish painting at the
hotel des arts.

lastly, a photo project of sorts with porous walker
and bob k. is in the works.
more on that later.

august 12
two news posting in one week? something must be up.
you'd be right to say that. a new section has been
added, the '06. or as they said it last turn of the
century, "aught six." wonder if that'll become new
again in the nation's lexicon?

august 10
the FRAMED article is up on the SLAP site. thanks to dick wray for the
text and cian brown for the extra photos. more things are
in the works. i don't want to jinx them, so i won't mention any more.

in other FRAMED news, color magazine just came out with a new issue
containing a 7 page article on the show and j. grant brittain has one of the two
covers. the article contains photos from the exhibit and some nice words
about it.

lastly, if anyone is getting rid of a good slide scanner, i sure
would be interested in buying one. please contact me at

thanks, and have a great weekend!

july 21
sorry for the lack of updates, but things will be more regular now that
FRAMED is up and going. thanks to all of the photographers who are in
the show, you have done amazing work that you should be proud of,
thanks for honoring me by being in the show.

photos of the show and installation will be up on the SLAP MAGAZINE web site soon.
a link will be posted as soon as it is up.

a new section of recent photos will be added in the coming weeks.
also, check the new issue of Concussion Magazine for
an article i did on the 2006, 15th anniversary silly pink bunnies
convention. the photo of the stripper was not shot by me. that was
smooth john, nice one davoud.

may 23
the FRAMED section is up for your viewing pleasure.
we're still looking for sponsors, so if you're interested
please get in touch with me. thanks

may 12
no updates for over a month, man i suck sometimes.
the FRAMED section will be up very soon, for reals.
the FRAMED opening will be on june 23rd at anti-social, expect
some suprizes!

march 23
just got back some proof sheets from a recent
trip to los angeles. very stoked on how they came

march 17
no real update... just got my first cell phone.
got some photos back from new years, hence the new
front page image. i'll be adding a FRAMED section once
i get all the info. i need. should be pretty snazzy and shit.
i've been shooting a bunch and will be updating the site soon.

thanks for coming by.

feb. 4
a little late in the news department but joe brook has a portfolio site up.

nice one joe!

jan. 20
guess the site was down for a day. not too sure what happened,
but i'm guessing that it was a glitch.

in other news, i forgot to mention that i have photos permanently
installed at the hotel des arts. next time you are in s.f.
rent chris pastras' room at the hotel and take a look in the

r.i.p. trevor prescott

dec. 31st.
happy new year! and crap.

2006 will prove to be an interesting year for many.

i'd like to say thanks to the following folks for their
help and friendship over the past year. thank you all very much.

elizabeth romero
travis jensen
jeremy fish and dons worldwide
jimmy dimarcellis and family
matt d!
lisa knowles
ert o'hara
meagen mccolgen
fred levi
concrete george and reese
david uzzardi
jeremy conant
dave potes
ray potes
andy mueller
robert abeyta, jr.
tony 'general' larson
matt irving
mat o'brien
anthony skirvin
duane and tami
goldchain and family
diana kwok
ando at ftc
nick and the dlxsf dudes
chris pastras
jason lee
curtis kulig
gnar pad cats
john doffing
everyone i took photos of at the hotel des arts
staf magazine
slap magazine
madrone lounge
111 minna
voice 1156
and john trippe/fecal face dot com

dec. 6th
framed is an exhibit i assembled a couple years ago, but had
never found a venue for. after some time, procrastination and me
being a picky bastard, it has found a home at vancouver's anti-social in their gallery.

*coming in 2006*

- featuring -

lisa knowles
rick marr
dave schubert
gabe morford
john trippe
david franklin
lori spears
j. grant brittain
david potes
mark whiteley
rich hart
ray potes
joe brook
isaac mckay-randozzi
sean ratliff
john groshong

a full statement on the show will be posted sooner or later.

new front page up now.
so exciting.

i have photos up in a couple shows right now.
one is here in s.f., at the madrone lounge - 500 divisadero at fell st.
madrone lounge

the other at voice 1156 in san deigo - 1156 7th Ave.
voice 1156

November 19, 2005

my dumb luck

that basically explains my life in as short a sentence as you can.
the images contained in this site reflect moments of that luck.
check back over time, i'll be adding new photos and
sections as soon as i can get darkroom time.

thanks for stopping by.

November 15, 2005