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Isaac McKay-Randozzi
Age: 39
Home: Tacoma, Washington

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February, 2009 Fecal Face interview.

For as long as I've known Isaac McKay-Randozzi he has always sent me photos.
Strange envelopes containing cryptic jokes or scrawls across the front,
handmade postcards with wishes from "foreign" lands or tidy boxes
containing framed goods. Every received gift contains at least one of his
photos, and in most cases, several. The photos themselves are often as
oblique as his messages.

Where is that strange building? Is that his grandmother or is she a friend. Is
this is a joke?

It's easy to deduce that Isaac is a classic photographer, in the sense that I
think he must always have a camera with him. Always.

It is because of this I always give his photos their due attention. There may
be a tiger around every corner.

-Tony Larson, July 2007

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Contributor: FECAL FACE DOT COM 2001-2007
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